Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed below, please email Katie Komassa

I registered for Annual Meeting, when will I receive the link to join the Zoom meetings?
All registered attendees will be sent an email on Friday, May 7th that will contain a link to a website that will include the detailed agenda, supporting documents for the Business Meeting and all Zoom links. Emails will also be sent to registered attendees on the days of the meeting with additional details, the detailed agenda and Zoom links.

Do I have to have a Zoom account to join the virtual sessions?

Do I have to download Zoom on my device before the meeting?
It is not required, but we do recommend you download the Zoom Client for Meetings on the device you will be using. This ensures you have access to additional meeting controls that are not available within the browser version of Zoom.

Will we be using Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meetings for the sessions?
We will be using a mixture of the two platforms. On Tuesday, May 11 and Saturday, May 15 we will be using Zoom Webinar and on Wednesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 13 we will be using Zoom Meetings.

Are there differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar?
Yes.  Zoom Webinar is a virtual auditorium.  Those who are Panelists (speakers, moderators, parliamentarian and other volunteers) can be seen and heard by everyone as needed.  The attendees (those who are not above) cannot turn on their camera or unmute themselves. They will only be able to see or hear the speaker and others needed for that portion of the meeting.   Attendees can still communicate with the Panelists through the Q&A and Chat features. Instructions for using this will be explained at the start of the sessions utilizing Zoom Webinar.
For meetings using Zoom Meetings, all participants in the session have the ability to turn their camera on and off and unmute themselves. We’ll be using this platform for our more interactive sessions. Please be sure to mute yourself and have you camera turned off in these meetings until instructed otherwise by the speaker.

How will question and answer work during the Annual Meeting?
We will have Q&A after some presentations and before anything that will be voted on. Attendees will type their questions or comments into Q&A. You will also be able to see questions others have asked, comment on those questions or upvote any questions that appear.  A volunteer is moderating the Q&A box at all times.

What are the items being voted on this year?
We will be voting on the proposed 2022 Budget and the Nomination Slate.  Both the Budget and Nominating Committee report will be available to registered attendees on May 7th on the virtual meeting website.

I am a delegate. How do I vote?
We will vote via Zoom poll.  The poll will be posted at the appropriate time during the meeting and delegates will vote at that time.

I am a delegate and so is my housemate.  Can we both vote during the Business Meeting using one link on the same computer?
Yes. If you have two delegates watching with one device, please vote using the poll one time and then utilize the chat for any other votes.

Is there a way to find materials ahead of time?
Yes.  All registered attendees will be sent an email on Friday, May 7th. This email will include a link to the virtual meeting website and you will be able to access materials, watch videos and view the detailed agenda ahead of time. Zoom links for sessions will also be displayed on this site next to the corresponding sessions.

I have difficulty hearing. Will there be any accommodations for that?
Yes, closed captioning will be available. To turn this on, you’ll just need to click Live Transcript on the bottom of your Zoom toolbar and then select Show Subtitle. You can adjust the size of the captions by clicking Subtitle Settings.


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