The Rev. Mulberry, pastor of Pilgrim Congregational UCC in St. Joseph, Michigan, introduces some Lenten resources now available to congregations. Mulberry is one of the leaders of the Great Lakes Creation Care Collaborative. Contact him here.

Leaders from the Michigan Conference have fashioned a group of Lenten resources that are now available for use by congregations. The resources have a strong emphasis on creation care and advocacy, and were prepared to offer diverse possibilities for entry so that all may deepen their commitment to the hard road of Lent. The resources include:

  • A ritual of daily and evening prayer
  • A daily invitation to a relationship with a climate advocacy group, a practice for a renewal, a children’s storybook asking for climate action, a random act of climate, or a path you might take to show your solidarity and detachment from the Domination System.
  • A daily practice of creation examen (an ancient spiritual practice of gratitude)
  • A weekly spiritual practice of creation lectio divina (ancient spiritual practice) that corresponds with the Revised Common Lectionary through Lent
  • A Foot-Washing Ritual and Jericho Walk that begins with washing the feet of local climate activists and ends at one of the large financial institutions providing the capital for the continuing systemic violence of fossil fuels.
The link for all of these materials is found here.

You can also have the music of the season, from many different genres, get into you with a Spotify playlist that can be found here.

Or a TIDAL playlist that can be found here.

The compilers hope these resources support the development of spiritual practice, encourage broadened relationships, and inspire action – all helping us remember that water is life, and that we and the Earth are one.

We pray that as you engage these materials, your heart might be ablaze in love for God’s good Earth so that the next time you pray, you will move your feet.

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