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Strategies for Effective Pastoral Leadership

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Greetings in the Spirit of our God who is Creator, Christ and Wisdom for the ages!

For some time now I have wanted to initiate a conversation about pastoral leadership, with the idea that we all have insight, ideas and resources to share.  Now that we have launched our new website we are beginning to develop the resource hub.  One of our intentional focus areas will be Clergy & Congregational Leadership Development.  We anticipate listing books, posting articles, offering blog opportunities, inviting best practices and exploring creative ideas.

I recently completed a ten-week emphasis on Effective Pastoral Leadership.  In a series of weekly posts I lift up key strategies to prompt conversation among us about the importance of understanding the pastoral role through the lens of organizational leadership.

We have chronicled these weekly writings on our blog site, with hopes that many of you will engage in reflections and responses so that that we might collectively curate ideas about effective ministerial leadership.


Check out these Strategies for Effective Pastoral Leadership posts:

Strategies – The Basics
Strategies – Shedding Old Structures

Strategies – Mission and Money Go Together!
, August 18, 2016
Strategies – Authenticity is Essential
, August 11, 2016
Strategies – Process Process Process, August 4, 2016
Strategies – Strategies – Learning to Juggle, July 28, 2016
Strategies – Touch Points, July 21, 2016
Strategies – The Shepherds Staff, July 14, 2016
Strategies – Navigating Change,  July 7, 2016
Strategies – Good Governance,  June 30, 2016

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If you would like to share your congregation’s leadership development ideas, successes or resources with others, please contact us at resourcecenter@wcucc.org.


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