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This Year's Special Guests

Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes is the Senior Pastor of Countryside Community Church (UCC) in Omaha, NE.  He is also the host of Darkwood Brew, a weekly, interactive webcast that gathers people from around the world for an engaging exploration of Convergence Christianity using a blend of ancient Christian mystical practice (lectio divina), modern interactive web technology, world-class jazz, arts, biblical scholarship, special guests from around the world via Skype.  With a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary, Elnes is the author of several books and publications including, The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision for the Future of Christianity (Jossey-Bass, 2006) and a book on experiential worship called Igniting Worship: The Seven Deadly Sins (Abingdon, 2004), and his forthcoming book, Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Paths Beyond Religious Certainty That Point A Way Home (Abingdon, 2015). 

Dr. Elnes also helped lead a 2,500 walk from Phoenix to Washington, DC, in 2006 to promote awareness of progressive Christian faith and practice and meet with Christians at a grassroots to hear their hopes and dreams for the future of faith in America.  His journey, which is the subject of a feature-length film, The Asphalt Gospel, is recounted in his book, Asphalt Jesus: Finding a New Christian Faith on the Highways of America (Jossey-Bass, 2007). 

Rev. Ben Guess

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