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To apply for Lay Academy, complete an application and submit it to:

Wisconsin Conference Lay Academy Program
P. O. Box 435
Deforest WI 53532-0435

Please mark which class you are applying for. A $50 deposit is required upon application.

Deadline: June 30, 2012

"Lay Academy has it all: joyful worship, excellent inspiring instructors, wonderful fellow students who quickly become friends, and books and discussions to challenge you on your faith journey." - Emma Ledbetter, Lay Academy Student

Looking for a good Christian faith formation ministry program for adults in your church? Here it is!

Personal and communal growth in discipleship and faith practices energize and empower individuals and church communities for effective ministry and mission in our world. Our Wisconsin Conference Lay Academy offers an exciting and provocative opportunity for adult learning!

"I cannot recommend Lay Academy highly enough! The study has truly deepened my faith and the leadership courses have given me great insight into how to be a Christ servant of my congregation." – Deanne Allen

Lay Academy is a faith formation ministry offered by the Conference for close to 20 years. It provides an opportunity for challenging exploration of our Biblical heritage, theology perspectives, practices of ministry and discipleship in today's world. Instructors and learners who participant in Lay Academy continually affirm and recognize it as one of the best teaching and learning ministries within the United Church of Christ!

If I were to use 2 words to describe Lay Academy they would be "totally awesome!" - James Brown

The Academy is shaped around covenantal learning communities who gather for seven weekends, Friday evening until Saturday afternoon, beginning in the fall through the spring, at the Trost Conference Center in DeForest. The learning community which develops among participants in each Lay Academy is an integral part of the learning and journeying experience.

College and Seminary professors, national leaders in the UCC and experts within our Conference serve as instructors. Besides the presentation and discussions of each session, reading assignments, reflection papers and sharing at one's home churches are all part of Lay Academy.

The basic Lay Academy course is a two year program entitled Faith Foundations. Participants must take year one before taking year two. Lay Academy 3: Leadership Skills focuses on enhancing skills to serve as lay leaders in their home churches. Lay Academy 4: Ministry Skills goes further exploring and developing specific skills and gifts needed for possible ministry. These four programs are offered on a rotating basis. Christian Faith Formation Ministry and Youth Ministry Skills are Lay Academy programs offered on an occasional basis.

BEST about Lay Academy
Belief Testing
xtensive Knowledge
pirit enriching
Tremendous evangelism experience  - Jean Duchow

More information about the classes offered is available on the Conference website. Better yet – talk to someone who has attended Lay Academy! Their experiences and excitement will attest to the quality and effectiveness of this faith formation ministry!

Applications for Faith Foundation Year 1 and Lay Academy 3: Lay Leadership Skills are currently being accepted until June 30, 2012. For more information see the Conference website and click on "Education". If you have questions please feel free to contact Rev. Deborah Payden, Lay Academy Director. (414-762-0207)

"Lay Academy is truly a blessing to all UCC members seeking a closer relationship with God in an atmosphere of supportive likeminded Christians no matter where you are in the process." – Cindy Spitza

Come and Join the Lay Academy!

- Rev. Deborah Payden

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