Annual Meeting Business Actions

Documents for 2018 Annual Meeting Business Actions

The Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ Board of Directors is proposing the following three actions for consideration and vote at the Annual Meeting in June. Documents relating to these actions are provided here for your review and consideration.

Recommendation for Change to Bylaws  Document

Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery: A Resolution of Witness  Document

Northwest Association Letter of Support for Repudiation of Doctrine of Discovery Resolution   Document

Ratification of Changes to United Church of Christ Constitution
At General Synod 31 in Baltimore this past summer, delegates approved changes to the Constitution of the United Church of Christ.  These changes need to be ratified by our Conference at this year’s Annual Meeting.  There were two substantive changes and several coordinating technical changes.  The first substantive change regards the national Officers of the UCC.  It shifts primary leadership from four shared Executive Ministers (formerly known as the Collegium) and vests more authority in the Office of the General Minister and President.  The Constitution calls for Associate General Ministers, as the GMP and Board of Directors see fit, to be elected by the General Synod.  The second Constitutional change celebrates and clarifies the new Ministerial Partnership between the United Church of Christ and the United Church of Canada.

The first two documents here provide background information to the UCC Constitution changes. The third document is an excerpt showing the key revisions, and the final document is the entire UCC Constitution.
UCC Prosposed Amendments Background and Summary
UCC Guide to Proposed Changes
Key Revisions to UCC Constitution
UCC Constitution as Amended – waiting ratification

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